Since 1954, The Tesco Corporation has provided our clients with reliable data at competitive prices.

Our slickline/reservoir engineering services are complete with leading edge technology tools and software.

From   electronic bottom-hole pressure  and surface pressure gauges to the Pan-System reservoir engineering software,  The Tesco Corporation can provide   you  with   engineering  solutions   so  that  you  can  maximize  the production of your oil and gas wells.

The Tesco Corporation's list of services include:

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Oklahoma City,OK.

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Our  service  area  includes  all  of Oklahoma and North Texas. We also do multiple well testing, we can be  competitive  depending  on  the  number  of wells and their location.

Please  review  each  of  our  services  and contact us for any questions you might have.

The Tesco Corporation would  appreciate  the  opportunity to provide you with a price quote on any of our slickline/reservoir engineering services.

We would appreciate the opportunity to serve you!

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